Thursday, February 24, 2011

Entry Order

Except from NOW UTAH

"Ever feel like your hectic and harried schedule is physically manifested in your house? Your days may seem to blend into one another but the piles of clothing, paper, and assorted trappings don't blend, they pile up.
Even our best efforts to maintain an orderly home may be thwarted by family members who put stuff wherever they darn well please. Yet, some women seem to have an uncanny ability to keep a home tidy and appear undaunted by it.

Why is that?

The women who keep a well organized home know the secret: they contemplate the problem, create systems and provide the tools for order, and motivate their family to maintain them."

The husband doesn't think our house is organized. He can't seem to find anything and has to constantly ask. Does that mean the house isn't organized?

Nah, it means that I'm a bit on the controlling side, everything is micro-organized and I put things where I want them and threaten to cut off fingers, toes and throw everything away if it doesn't find it's rightful home. I do have to say that the husband has his own spaces ie. half of the master closet, a basket for misc. stuff and office space. The rest of the spaces sans bedrooms are common areas where there is a place for everything and everything better be in it's place....if you know what's good for you.

So here are a few of the spaces that I think are organzied.


 Train and pumpkins helemts are hung out of the way. 2 command hooks for pumpkins jacket/coats and 3 below for Trains jackets/coats. They each can reach and hang their own stuff. They have to ask for their helmets.
 Ample space to hang coats/jackets for adults and teens. There is extra space to the left with empty hangers for guest coats.

Hanging bins 1. gloves for everyone and my scarf
2. hats and hoods
3. umbrellas
4. Paris' winter gear
5. Pumpkins winter gear
6. Trains winter gear
The top shelf hold 2 baskets with extra/misc. winter items for extra cold days or guest without gloves, hats, scarves or sweaters.
Bike pump with needed supplies and first aid kit.

The bottom of the closet holds a basket full of fabic grocery bags. There is no other place to store the vacuum so by default it stays here. On a side note, the duct tape adds a nice touch to the front of it. We just broke it last Friday and refuse to buy a new one until we move to THE HOUSE.
Room for orderly bags, Trains and Pumpkins backpacks and my Sunday bag.

I love the Ikea storage cubbies! On the top shelf each family member has a basket. The husband keeps misc. papers, med journals, articles and office papers. Paris keeps art supplies, homework and misc. learning workbooks and flashcards. Pumpkin keeps books, homework, coloring books, crayons, markers, glue and such for her afterschool activities. Train keeps puzzles, coloring supplies and books in his.

On the bottom shelf I have 4 baskets. Each one is assigned to a day of the week.
 1. Tuesday: sewing ideas, patterns, misc. mending projects.

2. Wednesday: grocery ads, family budget plan, family meeting agendas/notes, blogging ideas with notes, journal, stationary, a few books to read, christmas advent book to be updated, and scrapbooking/phtography books and ideas.

3. Thursday: notes of home decor projects I plan to do, supplies for home projects that fit, master grocery list to fill out for shopping, Thursday chore list, Emergency preparedness manuals, notes and plans.

 4.Friday: Chore list, items to be mailed, items to be returned, list of errands, library books to be returned and anything else that I come across during the week that belongs somewhere other than our house. 


A basket on top of the toilet for bodywash, regularly used washcloths and extra one's

3 command hooks for towels. I use command hooks and adhesive for almost everything.

A fun potty seat for the 3 year old....whenever he decides to use the potty consistantly. A stool so they can reach the sink to wash hands and brush teeth.
  The cabinet has 2 drawers and a cupboard. In the cupboard is their laundry basket.
 They each have a drawer. This is Trains. He's got a place for his tooth brush/paste, extra huggies washcloths, bum cream, brush and scrubber. In the back are band aids, a nose sucker and a first aid kit.

This is Pumpkins drawer. Curling iron and comb in the first bin, black hair bands and decorative hair bands in separate bins, barrets, bobby pins and cute hair accessories in a bin, toothbrushes and toothpaste in another. The back bin holds large hair bands and ties with headbands behind them.

This is what I don't know what to do with. All the bath toys that seems to NEVER stay where I put them. I've considered throwing them away but then when I put Train in the tub, he won't stay where I put him.

The husband still doesn't agree that we are organized.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday: To-Do list for the week

1.        Cut vinyl dinosaurs for Trains room. (Why not trains for Trains room? He still loves trains but I don't have a cartridge of trains for my cricut. Is it worth buying one?)

2.       Find a large print, painting, some type of picture of Paris to put above the bed in Paris' room.

3.        Search through endless stacks of matted animal art for 4 animal prints for the kids bathroom.

4.       Hang the decorative knob in Pumpkins room, hang dress from said knob. Hang framed art and cut some vinyl sayings to hang as well.

5.       Cook dinner each night this week.......except Thursday. We'll be at this place. I guess it's mac & cheese for the kids.

6.       Finish this book.

7.       Finish reading  The book of Ether

8.     Keep the house C L E A N.