Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday: To-Do list for the week

1.        Cut vinyl dinosaurs for Trains room. (Why not trains for Trains room? He still loves trains but I don't have a cartridge of trains for my cricut. Is it worth buying one?)

2.       Find a large print, painting, some type of picture of Paris to put above the bed in Paris' room.

3.        Search through endless stacks of matted animal art for 4 animal prints for the kids bathroom.

4.       Hang the decorative knob in Pumpkins room, hang dress from said knob. Hang framed art and cut some vinyl sayings to hang as well.

5.       Cook dinner each night this week.......except Thursday. We'll be at this place. I guess it's mac & cheese for the kids.

6.       Finish this book.

7.       Finish reading  The book of Ether

8.     Keep the house C L E A N.

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