Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everyone's crafty

Since the move I've been blog hopping a ton. There are SO many crafty ladies in syber-space and boy are they talented!

I've been inspired and I'm ready to craft......except my house isn't finished yet. Today was a huge jump forward in the "getting the house put together" pursuit. Husband did an outstanding job making the family room cozy and sporty. I'm loving it! I'm also loving that we are in a true rental, an investment property so we can do whatever we want. Love it!

As I'm dreaming of all the fun crafts I want to do, I'm looking around the downstairs and really wishing I could just throw stuff in a bin, bucket, box or stash it somewhere and get started. The area is looking 70% better but the 30% is holding me back.

I love the setup and know it will facilitate getting more soon as it's all together.

As I type and look over my computer screen, I realize now that the pennants are up and I won't be painting a wall down here. There's no way I'm removing 30 pennants that have been measures and perfectly spaced to paint. (sigh) but the family room looks better than I had anticipated.

Well it's off to bed for a blissful night of sleep minus a toddler taking up the bed.

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