Friday, November 12, 2010

Frivolous Friday Confessions

I must confess.
I LOVE to shop.

I must confess.
never  rarely pay full price for ANYTHING.

I've been known as the coupon queen for years.
I've also been known to make my poor husband wait for weeks or months for something he's asked me to purchase because it isn't on sale.
I'll talk couponing with anyone.
Since moving to Ut. a year ago I discovered a terribly expensive grocery store.
I've talked everyone I know out of shopping there and have forced some to trim their food budget. If not by persuasion then by telling them what my grocery budget is.

I've worked hard on keeping as much money out of the grocery stores or any store for that matter and  price matching. I have made Wal-Mart my one stop shop with the sale prices of every other store.....until now.

Previously mentioned terribly expensive grocery store snuck into my heart. I went shopping at wal-mart on Saturday and purchased some lettuce. After about a day it looked like this:

I thought for sure it would have a few good leaves for a luncheon I was having with a girlfriend the following day.

It didn't and I had to make a mad dash to the nearest....terribly expensive grocery store to buy some.

This is what I found!
 Beautiful, crisp heads with  white stumps or what ever you call it. Until that day, I'd never seen a head of lettuce that didn't have a brown stump. I'd heard about and read about it BUT had never seen one myself.

So in short. I confess. I paid full price for a beautiful, crisp head of lettuce. I'll do it again too, along with all their OTHER produce. 
To you Taryn, Sadie, Minnie, Codi . I'm SO SORRY I tried or did steer you away from that
beautiful, terribly expensive grocery store.

I'm now allocating more money to the food budget

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