Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days of the week

I just peeked in on Pumpkin to see how her morning routine is progressing. Same as usual but one thing I noticed is she's wearing her days of the week socks.

I remember buying them last week. She was ecstatic when we bought them since she would now have days of the weeks socks with fun colors, she would become a better speller for it and she would always know what day it is.

The funny thing about socks is, she's matching her outfits TO the socks NOT the socks to the outfits.

One would THINK it's easier to match a pair of socks to an ensemble but no. She painstakingly lined up the socks on her bed, pulled out shirts and matched the colors. She then put the rest of her outfit together.

She's certainly a fun kid. Now I'll never have to ask her to change her socks because they don't match. I'll have to ask her to change her shirt.

One must NEVER wear the wrong day of week sock, it's mess up the karma of the universe.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! It totally messes with the causing it to freeze momentarily then spin in the opposite direction! It's like the universal Uno Reverse Card!