Thursday, March 31, 2011

plink plink plink

As I sit here and type I'm enjoying the plinking of the piano keys.

Paris and Pumpkin have both starting taking piano lessons. They have different teachers. Paris' teacher  has played in the Grand Ol' Oprey and the other is getting her Masters in Music from BYU. 

Since the girls are working with the same music I've just put it all in a backpack and included a notebook for instructions.

Paris sat down to play last week and noticed that Pumpkin (her little sister who is 6.5 years younger than her) is only 2 pages behind her.

She F.R.E.A.K.E.D!!! Panicked and screamed. She grabbed Pumpkin by the arm and demanded that she play those songs, name the notes and count the measures as she plays.

My response was a bit more composed........slightly. I laughed out loud.

I've had to poke, prod, demand, scream and yell to get the older one to practice. So I felt my response was justified.

Fast forward a few days later. Paris practiced a song that her teacher didn't assign. She passed it off. She was ecstatic. (but still only two songs ahead of her sister)

So since her last lesson she has been putting in no less that an hour a day in practice WITHOUT being asked.

So again, here I am enjoying the blissful sounds of plinking keys of the piano.

What I can't wait for, is us getting a house and having a baby grand piano for them to play on.

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