Thursday, December 16, 2010

Afternoon errands

Train's the anti-napper.

He's fighting it.

 I'm fighting him.

It' s a NO win for everyone. 

I have to get things done. Grocery shopping, Christmas shopping for the doc's staff, tying up loose ends. I either do it with a cranky toddler OR a sleeping one. The other problem is this way he falls asleep late in the afternoon for maybe an hour and then doesn't go to bed until well past 11pm.

How do you solve the problem of "I don't want to take a nap BUT I still need one?"

How do you get things done at home if they refuse to sleep as long as you're in the house?

How do keep your sanity? Mine's about gone. Any suggestions?

I'll take a sleeping one any day! We'll just put up the disco ball and have a fun night. (sometimes, as long as we get to sleep in the next day)

This too shall pass, right?

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