Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Card

The story behind the card.

 I had planned on having family pictures taken in October. Then we spent half the month moving. I painted an accent wall in the dining room and bathroom, hung new lighting in three rooms and micro organized the kids stuff. During November I was in the middle of the Reflections Art Program at the junior high. Then we made two trips to Idaho...two weekends in a row. (totally worth it).

December began and the husband was no where to be found! C-sections, hysterectomy's, deliveries and my all time shifts. Then one by one each of the kids banged up their faces. Not all at once BUT one after the other, after the other. I kept thinking "after this one heals". So finally in between photo shoots for others I grabbed the kids and snapped a few shots.

Minus the husband-he's been camping out at the hospital
Minus the mom- haven't had my hair colored since July (yikes!)

Train screamed the whole time.
Pumpkin kept pulling her arms inside her jacket and kept looking off to the side.
Train kept running away.
Paris was plain M.A.D that we were doing this.

What has been hidden:
Screaming Train
Ginormous bruise in shades of purple, blue and green on Pumpkins forehead
Some kind of weird rash above Paris' lip

Sheesh! If you didn't get your's in the mail. Email me and I'll get one to ya before the new year!

Despite all that has transpired at our place, we truly are grateful for this season to celebrate the birth and life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Our lives have been blessed, they are fruitful. We are happy.
Nothing could be better than having the gospel of Jesus Christ and knowing that Jesus IS the Christ.

May your Christmas be merry and bright. One full of family, friends and the true spirit of Christmas.

Love- The Merrells

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